Blog Spring 2018

4 P’s V 4E’s So yep that’s right, you heard it here first, the 4 P’s that have driven marketing strategy FOREVER are dead and have been replaced with the 4 E’s. Engagement, Experience, Emotion, Exclusivity are what drive the strategy now – people no longer purchase products they purchase experience and they will pay […]

Blog Summer 2019

Sales and Marketing? Tinder Date or Marriage? I have been running a Sales and Marketing team for the last 3 years in a fast paced property business, and the joining of these two teams has been interesting to say the least. One pulls from a largely academic background and the other draws from a technical […]

Blog Autumn 2019

EQ or AQ So, into the future with the rise of technology what will be more important for future leaders? Emotional Quotient or Adaptable Quotient? I recently went to a conference in Melbourne and there was a lot of focus on the ability to adapt. The reality is – technology is moving at a lightening […]

Blog Winter 2019

BLACK AND WHITE Is it back or did it never leave? Either way this is still at staple design idea, blended with an industrial feel, white as the base – it’s a winner all round. GREENERY & QUARTZ From lush tropical foliage to soft English garden prints, we’re going green in 2019 with a pop pf pink! […]